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Доктор Сигел предсказывает «больше смертей от отчаяния», чем от вируса: «Заблокировки не работают», если распространена инфекция

Dr. Siegel hails results of research into anti-inflammatory drug as ‘sign of hope’ in coronavirus fight

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel told «Tucker Carlson Tonight» Tuesday that while the anti-inflammatory steroid dexamethasone shows great promise in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, he still wants to see how it fares in «peer-reviewed» studies.

Earlier Tuesday, researchers at Oxford University announced preliminary results of a study showing that dexamethasone had been found to reduce deaths in patients receiving oxygen by one-fifth and in patients on ventilators by one-third.

Siegel explained that the drug works by suppresses the inflammation caused by coronavirus — which can gravely affected patients’ lungs and heart.

«[Inflammatory symptoms are] what is causing death to the circulatory system and lungs of most patients,» he said.


«I’m very excited about this … I want to wait until it’s peer-reviewed and published, but this is clearly a tool in my tool shed,» Siegel added. «[It’s] something we can use against COVID-19 along with remdesivir, the antiviral drug we talked about previously.»

According to Siegel, dexamethasone has been around since 1957 and costs only about $1 per day. He added that he has prescribed it many times for its other accepted uses, which include arthritis, immune system issues and certain allergic reactions.

«This is a sign of hope,» he said. «This is for people that get really ill, people that have underlying conditions, people that are elderly, people in nursing homes.»


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